Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween....Not So Harmless

I was raised to believe that Halloween was a day that glorified Satan, witchcraft, & sorcery. But as I have been gaining in years I see more & more people, even Christian, who allow their children to parade about in costumes of witches, wizards, demons, ghoul, ghosts, etc. saying it is only a fun diversion for the children & they will feel left out if they can not take part with their friends.
Halloween has been commercialized to make it feel like just another harmless holiday, but why should children be allowed to participate in a day that gives Satan & his evil spirits honor?
Why must parents be asleep to the truth of what they are really allowing their children to do?
Most parents would be appalled if their child wanted to smoke, drink, use drugs, or have intimacy before marriage because they are doing things that are harmful to their bodies.
Some of those same parents allow trick or treating on Halloween. Why should the parents care any less about their child's soul? I think people need to take a step back & reevaluate their decisions concerning Halloween.

Take today & celebrate Jesus Christ the giver of life, not Satan. My family calls today Hallelujah day & we use today to pray for others & against Satan & his demons.

Have a God blessed Hallelujah day,
Sarah Grace

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  1. Yes, I agree. It's been many years since we've celebrated Halloween. Both Mr. G and I grew up celebrating but it's not a tradition we've carried on. Satan is good at making harmful things seem innocent!

    Mrs. G
    formerly of Pastoral Symphony Farm
    now of