Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wrappers..... Warmth, Function, & Style

For the play that I am costuming for my church I need to make a wrapper for one of the ladies. As I was in search of images, I came across quite a few that really stood out.

I never realized what amazingly loud fabrics they sometimes used for these garments. I love the colors & the fact that even though they provide warm & style, they are also functional & practical. I plan to make one for myself, hopefully soon.

The photos are from both the 1860s & the 1850s, as I found several articles from ladies magazines with simple lovely garments. I hope you all enjoy the photos & are inspired to perhaps make one for yourself.

I am off to do more sewing for the costumes. There is still quite alot to be done & I do have a deadline.

God bless,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thinking of Katharine....

I recently watched one of her movies, "The African Queen" & it got me to thinking about how much I truly admired her as an actress. I know that some people don't like her acting, because they think she is too independent or strong-willed. But I personally can identify with her on some levels, especially the strong-willed (or as my Mom calls it, bull-headedness, LOL)spirit. In my opinion, she was a wonderful actress, a gorgeous woman, intelligent, a very dry, almost satirical sense of humor, someone who knew what she wanted & stuck with it, a woman who cared about others. I have enjoyed every movie I have ever seen her act in, there are few that I don't absolutely love. She was raised in by her parents & her mother was a suffragette, so I am sure her independence stemmed from such. At the age of fourteen she found her brother, whom was to believed have committed suicide in the attic & as a result fell into a state of depression. She eventually came out of her shell. In my opinion, to have overcome such a devastating trama, to be able to have a sense of humor & not let that rule her entire life was something that should be admired. I apologize for the rather long rant. My Grandma was very much like Katharine & I believe that is another reason why I love watching her films. Below are some photos of Katharine.
She even had a pattern in the 1930s designed for her:

"Bringing Up Baby" is one of my absolute favorites, as it also stars Cary Grant & is very comical.

"Stage Door Canteen"

"The African Queen"

This brings a close to my rather long, slightly random post.

God bless,
Sarah Grace

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In Search of Warmth

Where I live the weather has decided to become very cold. We are experiencing temperatures that are barely reaching the mid-teens during the day & dropping below 0 at night. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the snow, but I also like the temperature to stay around 20-25 degrees. While thinking about such cold (although for some, I know it probably sounds very mild), I decided to search for photos of firesides that would at least help me imagine that I was warm. I found somely lovely images. The one below caught my eye as it looked like such a loving family.

I just love this one. It reminds me of my German shepherd, Majesty & one of my former cat friends, Spitfire, who unfortunately died last year. They always seemed to get along well.

I then found this painting by Henry Salem Hubbell, which I think is beautiful, & along with it I found two others (although not really about firesides, they do look very warm & inviting). I especially love the colors he used.

We are supposed to be having a snowstorm coming in soon, but I am praying against it, as we have our Easter play auditions coming up this Saturday & we don't need another cancellation. I hope everyone is having a wonderful & blessed January. I thank God for giving us what we have that we so often take for granted, our salvation.

God bless,

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Happy New Year & A Belated Merry Christmas!!

I am sorry that again I have fallen behind in my posting. So much has been going on, what with trying to sew the things I was making for Christmas for my family. My camera is out of whack & I have no other means of posting photos that are not already upon my computer. I am still finishing my parents quilt, but soon I hope to have it finished. I have finished writing the Easter play script & will be handing out copies to the cast on Sunday. We will be having auditions next Saturday, hopefully! After auditions, we will be having a celebration of sorts for the cast of our Christmas production for the good job they did & possibly after that begin practicing for the blacklight group signing. Well, I hope everyone had marvelous holidays. Mine were very nice & I am very grateful for my family & friends & for a loving & forgiving God. I leave you with a few winter photos that I found lovely & interesting while doing a search.

God bless to everyone during this lovely & joyous season,