Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thinking of Katharine....

I recently watched one of her movies, "The African Queen" & it got me to thinking about how much I truly admired her as an actress. I know that some people don't like her acting, because they think she is too independent or strong-willed. But I personally can identify with her on some levels, especially the strong-willed (or as my Mom calls it, bull-headedness, LOL)spirit. In my opinion, she was a wonderful actress, a gorgeous woman, intelligent, a very dry, almost satirical sense of humor, someone who knew what she wanted & stuck with it, a woman who cared about others. I have enjoyed every movie I have ever seen her act in, there are few that I don't absolutely love. She was raised in by her parents & her mother was a suffragette, so I am sure her independence stemmed from such. At the age of fourteen she found her brother, whom was to believed have committed suicide in the attic & as a result fell into a state of depression. She eventually came out of her shell. In my opinion, to have overcome such a devastating trama, to be able to have a sense of humor & not let that rule her entire life was something that should be admired. I apologize for the rather long rant. My Grandma was very much like Katharine & I believe that is another reason why I love watching her films. Below are some photos of Katharine.
She even had a pattern in the 1930s designed for her:

"Bringing Up Baby" is one of my absolute favorites, as it also stars Cary Grant & is very comical.

"Stage Door Canteen"

"The African Queen"

This brings a close to my rather long, slightly random post.

God bless,
Sarah Grace

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