Thursday, July 15, 2010

Anne of Green Gables Fashion Week

It seems completely odd to be posting twice in one week, much less in one day! Ashley of Bramblewood Fashion is hosting her Anne of Green Gables Fashion Week (it began Sunday 11th & is over on Saturday 17th). I wanted to create an outfit for it, but I haven't had the time, so I am posting a photo of my Anne of Avonlea inspired dress for my friend's Prom in May.

(Left to right: My brother Joshua,his fiancee Shelby, myself, & my friend Adam)

My dress was construct with my Mother's help, as was Shelby's dress, hers being inspired by the Tudor era.

Anne of Green Gables & Anne of Avonlea are two of my favorite movies (books as well) in a rather long list. Since watching the set, I have become engrossed in the Road To Avonlea series, both for the clothing & the characters. I am continuously borrowing them from my library's inter-library loan program. I can relate very well to Anne & to several other characters such as Olivia & Felicity in the RTA series, as I find myself to share similar traits. Would that my imagination were as vivid as Anne's, that would be a dream come true, for I am certain that it would improve my writing immensely. I like Anne & Hettie King am a teacher, but I long, as they, to be a writer, an authoress! That is one of my life's goals. If that is God's will, it shall be.

Below are two of the lovely photos that Ashley has used for her links to the stupendous event. I love both of the ensembles & hope to recreate them someday.

This is a painting of an outfit that I think Anne might have worn & that I would again love to recreate. It is something that I think would work very nicely for every day wear, even in the modern world.

God bless to all on this day,
Sarah Grace

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