Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Overdue Post....

Hello to all who take the time to read my blog, much forgotten by its authoress for many months. I have been much overdue in my writing & beg your indulgence, as every time I planned to write, some other matter took precedence. I hope over the summer months to be more frequent & post at least once a week, but I am uncertain what will occur, what with graduations for many family & friends taking place over the next two months. I am also in the process of tutoring a fellow homeschooler, a task for which I am both overjoyed & anxious. In the interim of all other things important, I am attempting to create a Civil War wardrobe for summer, for which I have recently purchased five dress lengths of appropriate fabric, at a much lower price than I had hoped (Thank you, God). So, my schedule will hopefully open up for further posts, but I make no promises.

Isn't the above 1860s court dress simply stunning. It would be magnificent as a wedding gown in my opinion. God bless to everyone & have a joyous summer,
Sarah Grace

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  1. You won the Design-Your-Own 1860s dress giveaway at my blog! Head on over to claim your prize!