Tuesday, April 17, 2012

True Blue

Inspired by another blog, I thought a post focusing on shades of blue, one of my many favorite colors, was a nifty one:). So without further ado (not that there was much ado to begin with:p).

I simply love the stripes!

I would love to go back in time & snatch, er borrow her lacy blue dress.

Not as blue-centric as some, but the bodice details are so flattering.

This is the kind of dress that is created in dreams, mine at least, of Victorian balls & coming out parties.

This gown by Worth is called a fancy dress. Isn't it simply luscious?

The is sideview is just as wonderful with a full bustle poof.

I am not as crazy about this shade of blue/grey, but I do so love the style.

A delicious shade of blue & such a lovely pattern for a sweater, simple, yet elegant.

When I found this image, I wasn't sure if I liked it & the jury is still out.

I love the fact that this dress is pretty & practical. I think it would be a wonderful style for a picnic.

Any one who has seen Downton Abbey, has probably seen Sybil's Turkish inspired trousers ensemble. Normally I do not like trousers, but hers are in such alluring shades of blue & the peacock portion of the bodice (which happens to be part of an original dress) is growing on me.

Finally, this pattern would be a wonderful dress for working at home if done in a simple, sturdy fabric. But it would also be stunning as a going to church dress when made from silk & adding a lace collar.

You might have noticed that I stopped at the 1910s. I had too many images for the entire post, so I will be posting the second half of this within the next few days, I hope. I pray that you find these images inspirational & perhaps they will spark a desire for a new frock.

God bless,
Sarah Grace

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