Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Fashion Ala The 1940s

I think it is always interesting to look at the clothing that was worn in different periods for the changing seasons, so this post is a compilation of a few of the 1940s autumnal fashions.

Myrna Loy, who happens to be one of my favorite female actresses from the Golden Era (1930s-1940s), is wearing a lovely suit ensemble with an adorable chapeau.

This Simplicity pattern is a fine example of the lounging suit, perfect for the cold evenings when all you want to do is curl up with a captivating book & a cup of steaming hot tea.

The title says it all, accessorization is key to making a small wardrobe seem endless.

A photo I found online taken of a young woman entering her freshman year at university. Her outfit is comfortable, while still be in style.

A very flattering style with the gathering on the bodice & the pointed waistband. Lengthening the sleeves & making it from a tropical weight wool would easily carry this lovely frock into the blistering cold months of winter.

The newly popular, but not yet widely worn, pant suit. Pants were questionable for women still, even in the 1940s (some question them even now). I personally don't wear pants, but I thought it might be of some inspiration to others that do.

An adorable mother-daughter matching sweater set! I simply love the color & the sleeve length. A wonder way to add warmth when there is a slight nip to the air.

A fabulous coat that would serve many age levels & could double as a maternity coat. The styling is timeless & could easily be worn with modern attire. Would be great made from a wool outer & a silk lining.

Do any of these coats look familiar? The styles & lines are very similar to some of the coats today, which are advertised as a NEW style. LOL! It just goes to prove that the fashions of the past will repeat themselves again & again.

If you owned all of the pieces in this image, you could mix & match to make dozens of ensembles. With three jacket/skirt combos, one blouse/skirt, & a vest/skirt the possibilities are endless.

I hope you were all inspired to try something new that might have been old :), for your upcoming fall/winter wardrobes.
I plan to do another post on 1930s fall/winter garments soon.

God bless & have a wonderful weekend.
Sarah Grace

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