Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!

It may have been over two hundred years since she wrote her first novel, but her prose, wit, & humor are still considered by many to be many of the best novels ever written (I include my self in that). Her intelligence was just as important as her humorous satire, which not every reader comprehends when they read her novels, made the written creations of her imaginings timeless & still true today. She draws us into her own world, even though such an age of elegance, refinement, & manners of dress & etiquette, have faded almost entirely from existence. Jane has been one of the many writers who has inspired my own desire to write & be published. I hope someday my own words & ideas will measure up at least half as much as hers have. Have a blessed Birthday Jane!
In the words of Tiny Tim "God bless us everyone" & a Merry Christmas to all!

Sarah Grace

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