Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Autumn Thoughts

I think autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. The beauty of the leaves turning colors on the trees. The sound of the leaves crackling a wonderful harmony beneath your feet. The sight of the birds flying south in pursuit of warm & toasty resting place. The hot apple cider with its rich spicy aroma. The sweet taste of the maple syrup from the mighty maple trees. The taste of pumpkin pie & turkey that reminds me of family, both here & gone. All these things are what fall means to me.

I went looking at photos of the beauty of fall & found some wonderful images of what I think of when someone says autumn to me & I thank the Lord that He gave us eyes to see the beauty that is around us.


  1. I love Autumn too, it's my favorite season for all the reasons that you mentioned. I love how it sounds and smells and the beautiful way that it looks. I love maple syrup too, it seems so "autumny", how ironic that it's made in the Spring!

  2. Thank you Mrs. G for visiting my blog & yes it is ironic that maple syrup isn't made till spring. It makes for another special something to look forward to during the winter. Oh, by the by, I love your blog.

    God bless,